Mythologia na Prehoda
(Mythology of Transition)

Selected stories

2006, Zacharii Stoyanov, Sofia

Collection of selected short stories from previous books introducing the theme of Transition from different points of views. An art version of the history which interprets the popular myths set up in the common consciousness after the fall of communism.

“At that time I was terribly proud of the fact that I was working with the State Security Committee, even though the duties I had were quite insignificant. In the morning, towards nine, I went through the offices, collected the reports and left them at the Reception. In the afternoon, towards five o’clock, I went once again through the rooms to replace the worn-out typewriter ribbons and to replenish them with white writing paper. I used to move along the corridor in a small silvery electric truck; I enjoyed putting on speed and dashing on the smooth marbled flooring, the small round-bellied tyres swishing at the turns. That was all.

From Report Given

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